Our story

Starting from the need of large global logistics operators to have a foothold in Brazil, Place Logistics was created and developed with a commitment to meet these partners in their demands of importation, exportation, storage and emergency national distribution, focus our services on spare parts for several technology manufacturers.


Over the years Place Logistics has also become a major global logistics operator and currently serves many segments, performing the national and international distribution, working with a totally different structure in safety matters, technology, within the ISO and ANVISA standards certifications.



Establish consolidated partnerships with our customers providing comfort, safety and agility with reliability and professionalism, serving exclusively and fully differentiated the spare parts market.


Become a leader in the spare parts segment, serving our clients with excellence and quality, exceeding their expectations and evolving every day.


Ethics, commitment to the client’s business, transparency of information, be concerned with the well-being of our employees, seek the unexpected and always surprise, act as owner of the business and enjoy the opportunities.