Our warehousing and distribution center is located in Jandira, São Paulo, and it has pallet trucks positions and shelves for better accommodation of the items to be stored.

Place Logistics is committed to customer satisfaction and creatively offers prepared solutions according to your needs, both in the storage area and the distribution system. We know that the needs of each customer are unique and for this reason we need to be flexible in order to comply with every demand. This profile is due to the experience we have and the knowledge of the needs of the logistics market in providing a differentiated service for each segment.

Promotional Logistics

Place Logistics believes that Promotional Logistics is essential for the success of marketing activities. In this way, we offer from storage to distribution in your point of sale.

Receipt of products

Assembly of promotional kits


Warehousing and distribution

Handling and labelling

Inventory control


Strategies and Solutions

Due to the variety of items to be stored and distributed we rely on a system that ensures the exact location of each item in stock thus ensuring the quality of our inventories and their accuracy.

Custom Reports

Customized reports in real time according to your needs.

Several Locations

Partners in various storage, delivery and collection points.

Enhanced Control

Barcode system for shipping and receiving

Cutting-edge Logistics

We serve from local needs to the international market.

Reverse Logistics

Through a management and storage control we can control all items sent to third parties and thus maintain their history and location, generating reports by customers, monitoring quantity and time of the items out of stock

Added Value

We believe that the control of items in third-party hands have a high added value.

Strict Control

Strict control for the recovery of materials with online data in real time.

Import and Export


We count on a cargo-tracking-tool with the information on the position of the cargos and all processes in real time.


Amounts spent converted into dollar, for better visualization of customer´s expenses, with the function of reducing your costs on imports.

Cost Data

Cost reports of individual items rated by the import process in Brazilian currency, dollar and traded currency.

Warranty Refund Exchange

Warranty refund exchange of products designed for large technology companies which demand this type of service throughout the country.

Place Logistics & Management

PlaceLogistics makes available to its customers the inventory of management and distribution “in house”, which means that Place Logistics provides a team and an online local control system.


Technical assistance

Specific service for companies that require laboratories and / or outsourcing technical services that meet their technical requests for warranty. We are specialized in the trading system of part and components in warranty, mainly serving large technology companies.


Place Medical

Through PlaceMedical we offer to our customers of the medical field the storage service, distribution and repair of electric, electrotherapeutic and irradiation equipment.
We have the ANVISA certificate, which entitles us to perform all of these services in the country. In addition to that, we have a fully adequate warehouse to ensure the quality of transport, storage and the handling of equipment.